Month: January 2015

The 2015 Plan

Six days late, but these are a few of the things I plan to focus on in 2015:


I automate.  It’s what I do.  That means I write lots of code.  Sadly, I possess rather underdeveloped testing foo.  Granted, there aren’t elaborate frameworks for bash (What? You want me to write bash scripts to test my bash?); and our implementation of puppet is mind-meltingly sophisticated coupled with lack of (administratively authorized) tooling to programmatically spin up virtual machines, making it sufficiently non-trivial to automate testing of manifest changes (and other forms of automated testing for other scenarios …*SIGH*).   But, I could still exercise my testing foo more than I do.


I specifically said “Go”, not “programming”.  I program every day.  I am formally declaring right here, right now, though, that if bash isn’t the most appropriate tool for my programming task I will use Go, given a choice.  Our use of Go at work has exploded in the last 6 months.  I love that it’s fast like C yet accessible like python.  I also love that it’s statically compiled.  It’s so great for performant, self-contained, portable utilities and services.


I want to do a better job of putting my projects out there.   It’s a nice way to give back.  But, there’s a lot of really cool stuff that hooks into github these days that I want to play with.  So, I can get a twofer with this goal.

Grad School

I will be applying to grad school this coming application cycle.  Maybe this time next year, I’ll have a semester of grad school under my belt.