Month: July 2015

Reset: Quasi-Post-Mortem for the 2015 Plan

Life has unfolded in completely unexpected ways since my last blog post.  If I was grading myself on my progress of the goals I set forth in the post titled The 2015 Plan, I’d say:


C.  I have written tests for the projects I’ve undertaken and continued at work.  I’m actually off to a decent start on this particular goal.


F.  I’ve been bashing (and Python’ing) my way through everything.  Maybe someday.  At this point it has been nearly a year since I’ve written anything in Go and I’ve forgotten more than I remember.


F.  When I write something to put out there, I’ll put it on github.  The aspiration behind this goal was to practice coding more often and at higher intensity.

Grad School

F.  I looked into testing dates, found myself in limbo for various reasons, and never got around to scheduling a time to take the GRE.  Of course, I haven’t opened the application process anywhere, either.  Given some life changes on the near-term horizon, I’m glad I haven’t committed to a program just yet.


What Actually Happened Instead

Stuff.  You might’ve read my list of goals and thought “this guy is overly ambitious,” which is absolutely true.  But mostly, I just wasn’t observing any practical limits regarding focus.  I have been suffering  of lack of focus for quite a while.  I’m now on a journey to regain that state of focus I once possessed.  I’ve made an ordered list of what I think is important and found that some of the goals didn’t really match up with things on that list.  So, I’ve given myself permission to let those things go.  My approach to regaining focus is selecting the two most important things on my list and giving them all my extra available attention while still doing a passable job at everything else I have to do; like being a dad and husband and employee.

At any rate, I’m retiring the original 2015 Plan, and we’ll speak of it no more.