Initial Thoughts on Cloud-Init

I have a confession: I only recently discovered the awesome that is cloud-init.  I mean, I’d heard of it, but hadn’t ever really dug in to get to know it.  I most definitely fall into the early-adopter category when it comes to technology, too.  As a freshman in college, I helped build a network kickstart installer, years before tools like Cobbler came on the scene.  After college, I had the good fortune to work somewhere that understood the possibilities with VMWare, and was running a nearly 100% virtualized infrastructure in the ESX 2.0 days.  I first discovered Puppet back in the 0.23 days.  I was using Mcollective in production almost 2 years ago.  I wowed my developers with Vagrant in the pre 1.0 days.

But cloud-init.

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